Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Kiddos

A few pics of the kids...starting with Christmas Eve at Jay's mom's house. Maddox's stocking at Grandma Nita's is as big as he is.

christmas 20

Evey helped herself to Grandma Nita's glasses. Stylin!

christmas 21

I love the hat Maddox got from Grandma Nita. CUTE! Maybe not when he makes this face...

christmas 22

Itty bitty Santa village...

christmas 23

Cozy fire...

christmas 24

Then home to get ready for Santa and go to bed! Maddox was very upset when I realized we didn't have any cookies for Santa. But when I pointed out that he probably gets tired of cookies and that everyone loves pumpkin bread...he relaxed. So carrots for the reindeer and pumpkin bread for Santa! And a note from Maddox. ;-)

christmas 25

Santa left sleds and scooters! Lucky for Santa it snowed!!!

christmas 26

Maddox was a little wobbly at first, and thus a little blurry as well.

christmas 27

They have both been thrilled with their scooters. Scooter girl...

christmas 28

Maddox also loved the quick draw set we got him...a gun that can fire cans and bottles off of a log. Fun. A compromise...a gun without gore or violence. :-)

christmas 29

christmas 30

christmas 31

christmas 32

christmas 33

H1N1 and Santa Claus

A couple weeks before Christmas, we headed to Bass Pro to get the kids their H1N1 booster and figured we'd see Santa while we were there. An interesting combo, I'll admit. ha

christmas 01

Bass Pro's Winter Wonderland was complete with dead, taxidermied Reindeer. I'm not gonna lie...I found it creepy.

christmas 02

Granted, I'm not big on hunting. I'm not going to say I'm completely anti-hunting...I do think that there are times when hunting animals is appropriate for one reason or another. But I personally prefer to shoot with my camera. ;-)
Regardless, any time I see taxidermied animals...I can't help but think of Ellen Degeneres' bit on hunting. Funny.

christmas 03

christmas 04

Being Bass Pro, the stockings were overflowing with guns. haha

christmas 05

christmas 06

Maddox is clearly their key demographic.

christmas 07

christmas 08

So after exploring the Winter Wonderland we got their H1N1 booster and then headed back to see Santa.

christmas 09

Maddox never wants to sit on Santa's lap and Evey was more interested in her sucker...

christmas 10

so once again we managed to avoid waiting in line for Santa. Woo hoo! My kids were content to enjoy his presence from a distance.

christmas 11

So Maddox and Jay headed off to find more guns and games. Evey and I hung out and enjoyed her sucker and the only live animals we could find. Ducks and fish.

christmas 12

christmas 19

christmas 16

christmas 17

christmas 18

Look how long Evey's hair is!!!

christmas 13

christmas 14

We finally found Maddox...again with a gun. And what Maddox does...Evey does! :-)

christmas 15

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Beer Bread (New Project Debut)

So I recently read of the passing of Irving Penn, who is famous for his fashion photography. I was intrigued by some of his portraits and asked for a book of his photography for Christmas. I was surprised to receive a book of his still life photography! I have never really explored still lifes...and thought it might be a fun project for "the slow season." I often go a little creatively stir crazy in the's cold and bleak and gloomy and the days are so short. I have decided exploring still life photography will help me keep the creative juices flowing through these cold, dark months.

I'm going to have to work at it though...I tend to capture more what I see and never really stage anything. I would even call these first shots cheating since I didn't come up with the idea. I was making beer bread and liked what I saw. Does that count? The first one was purely captured as I found it...though I did of course choose to compose the image in this particular way...

beer bread 02

I would say this shot involved more staging.

beer bread 01

I'm excited about the project! And ready to go eat the beer bread. Yum!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Annual Rimel Elf Dance

We worked really hard on the choreography this year. ;-)
Hope you enjoy the results.

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Not only are we amazing dancers...we can sing too!

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Plaza Eat-N-Shoot

A few weeks ago I met a few photog friends for an eat & shoot on the plaza. The eat took longer than planned...though it was very enjoyable. When we finally were ready to shoot...RAIN! :-(
So we did what we could from under awnings and a parking garage. It was fun, even with the limitations. Christie had each of us paint our names with light...I enjoyed shooting from behind the scenes.

eatshoot 01

eatshoot 05

eatshoot 06

Christie's painting was particularly graceful...very dancer like. :-)

eatshoot 07

eatshoot 09

eatshoot 08

eatshoot 02

eatshoot 03

eatshoot 04

eatshoot 13

eatshoot 10

eatshoot 11

eatshoot 12

eatshoot 14

eatshoot 15

eatshoot 16

eatshoot 17

eatshoot 18

eatshoot 19

eatshoot 20

eatshoot 21

eatshoot 22

eatshoot 23

eatshoot 24

I love that this looks like a hand sketched drawing...

eatshoot 25

eatshoot 26

eatshoot 27

eatshoot 28

eatshoot 29

eatshoot 30

eatshoot 31

eatshoot 32

eatshoot 33

eatshoot 34

eatshoot 35

I had a great time...looking forward to the next eat-n-shoot! :-)