Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wolverine...and lil sis

Maddox had some money to spend the last time we were at Target. He wanted to get a Wolverine claw.

wolverine 04

I tried to talk him out of it. What would he do with it? Wouldn't it get old quick? But it was his money, and he insisted he wanted it. He was right...I was wrong. It's been quite the favorite thing around here. He loves this claw, and now wants to save up more money to buy a second claw. Because the boy in the commercial has a claw on each hand and does cool flips. I explained that a second Wolverine claw wouldn't give him the ability to do flips...and he assured me that the boy just already knew how to do flips. ;-)

So I took some pics of him enjoying his Wolverine claw earlier this week...

wolverine 01

wolverine 03

wolverine 02

And just for fun, a silly pic of Evey. :-)

crazy evey 01

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy EARTH Day!

In honor of Earth Day, I would like to share some images of a different that feature a subject with beautiful long limbs and amazing strength. ;-)

These images were taken of one special tree, by special request, last September. I had never before focused all of my attention on one single tree. It was an interesting experience, definitely eye-opening to focus on all the little details that you might otherwise never notice. Anyways, hopefully my fellow treehuggers will enjoy...

tree 02

tree 03

tree 04

tree 05

tree 06

tree 07

tree 08

tree 10

tree 09

Happy EARTH Day!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Liberty Memorial

It had been a long time since I just wandered the Liberty Memorial, taking pics for fun. So I spent a little extra time hanging around after my session last weekend to explore and randomly shoot whatever caught my eye.

My favorites...

Liberty 01

Liberty 02

I tried to play around a little with the glass roof to the museum, catching reflections.

Liberty 03

Liberty 04

I almost fell down some steps after shooting this lamppost. Well, I'm not gonna lie...I did actually fall down one step but caught myself before totally wiping out or worse...dropping my camera! I tried to pretend it didn't happen...but I'm sure someone must have seen my lack of grace and had a good laugh at me. :-P

Liberty 05

Liberty 06

Liberty 07

Liberty 08

My FAVORITE shot...I'm crazy for this one. I love abstract stuff...and I really like how this one kind of sucks you into the frame. I'll be finding somewhere in my home to display - I'm thinking it would be a cool canvas...

Liberty 09

I thought it was neat that you could see the tower through the transparent banner...

Liberty 10

Liberty 11

Liberty 12

Nice postcard shot... ;-)

Liberty 13

Liberty 14

Liberty 15

Liberty 16

This last one is kind of whacky...and I enjoy whacky. :-)

Liberty 17

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chris + Crystal...Family Portraits

Yesterday I met Chris and Crystal to capture some lovely portraits with their kiddos. It was a glorious day - such a nice break from this crazy weather. Crystal did an excellent job dressing everyone - beautiful bright colors. They looked fantastic!

Here are some of my favs...

cccm 01

cccm 02

cccm 03

cccm 04

cccm 05

cccm 06

Chase is such a little cutie...

cccm 07

And little Madison is just adorable...

cccm 08

cccm 09

cccm 10

cccm 11

cccm 12

I have a thing for shots of parents wrangling children. It amuses me. ;-)

cccm 13

cccm 14

cccm 15

cccm 16

cccm 17

cccm 18

cccm 19

Crystal was behind me doing a great job making the kids laugh. ;-)

cccm 20

cccm 21

cccm 22

cccm 23

Thanks for a great shoot! :-)