Monday, September 29, 2008

I Heart KC

I think I may have mentioned before that I have decorated my dining room with photographs I have taken around Kansas City. I recently added a couple and it got me going through my KC I thought I would share some of my favorites that are currently displayed...for those of you who don't make it to my dining room very often. ;-)

If forced to choose - this is probably my favorite...

KC 06

KC 09

Not in the dining room since it is so similar,but I still really like it...

KC 02

KC 01

KC 03

KC 04

KC 08

KC 07

Plus a few more recent door pics to add to the door collection...

door 01

I shot this same door before...but this version does have a different look to it. ;-) So I will include it again...

door 02

door 03

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cupcakes and Peekaboo

I had to share a couple of pictures of goofy Maddox enjoying a chocolate cupcake at Barnes & Noble recently. Clearly the sugar had already hit the bloodstream. :-)

cake boy

And here is my sweet little Evey entertaining me in the truck by playing peekaboo. :-)

Where's Evey? (she doesn't usually get hidden very well)

peekaboo 01

There she is!

peekaboo 02

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Us...Family Portraits

You read that correctly! For once, I got a chance to be on the other side of the camera.

So here's the deal...John Michael & Dalisa Cooper (the amazing artists of altf photography) recently started the Pay-It-Forward Project. The basic idea is that we, as photographers, are noticeably missing from our family portraits. So when they toured the U.S. for their very altf tour (that I attended in August), they took the time to photograph some photographer's families along the way...roadside portraits. Each of those photographers in turn must now photograph another family, and so forth, and so on. Cool right?!

You can follow the project at Roadside!

Anyways - we were lucky enough to have our pictures taken by a local photographer here in KC that I really admire...the uber talented Jason Domingues. He posted a little sneak peek on his blog - so I wanted to post his images here as well to share with you all! These are our first ever family portraits with all four of us - plus pictures of ME with the kids. Wild! :-)



I'm thrilled and can't thank Jason enough!

So, now it is my turn...
If you are a photographer in need of family portraits with YOU in them - I am offering you a free portrait session with yours truly. However, you must be willing to pay-it-forward! Just get in touch with me...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Anna & Daryl...Wedding

While there were no tornadoes for Anna & Daryl's was STILL RAINING! So if it is true that rain on your wedding day is good luck, this weekend's couples are very very lucky indeed!

Beautiful Anna...

annadaryl 04

Checkin' out her man...

annadaryl 02

annadaryl 03

annadaryl 01

annadaryl 06

Anna's bouquet included some Stargazer of my favorite flowers!

annadaryl 05

annadaryl 10

Handsome Daryl...

annadaryl 08

annadaryl 07

Anna & Daryl's son, Carson, is just plain adorable. I could have just followed him around all day taking a ton of cute pictures.

annadaryl 09

Carson with sweet sweet (yes, double sweet) flower girl, McKenzi...

annadaryl 11

I was taking some pictures with Anna and saw everyone laughing at something behind me...

annadaryl 12

annadaryl 13

annadaryl 15

annadaryl 14

annadaryl 16

annadaryl 17

Playing around at the reception...

annadaryl 18

Anna & Daryl included Carson in the first dance - awwww...

annadaryl 19

I went to get a picture of the lucky lady who caught the bouquet with the lucky gentleman who caught the garter...and found them full on smooching! I'd say they quite definitely will be next... ;-)

annadaryl 20

Anna seemed to have a good time dancing with Daryl's father, John...
P.S. I love John's smile. :-)

annadaryl 21

annadaryl 22

Congratulations Anna & Daryl!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Amy & Ed...Wedding

Yesterday was the big day for Amy & Ed! Amy & Ed's wedding was certainly one to remember...but I'll get to that a little later. ;-)

First - here is Amy looking gorgeous as she puts on her jewelry...

amyed 03

Amy's Cinderella shoes...they looked like glass slippers!

amyed 01

I loved that you could see the screws...wild!

amyed 02

Bridesmaid Addie watching as Amy gets dressed...

amyed 04

Beautiful necklace...

amyed 06

Some portraits of the stunning bride...

amyed 05

amyed 07

amyed 08

A little supermodel hair moment...I love those!

amyed 09

amyed 10

Handsome groom...

amyed 11

amyed 12

Seeing each other for the first time...
(I love it when couples choose to see each other beforehand - it's a really cool, emotional, and intimate moment when it's just the two of them. Well, plus me and an assistant, so I suppose that would be the four of us. ;-)

amyed 13

amyed 14

amyed 15

amyed 16's where things got quite interesting. It has been raining FOREVER and was raining on and off all day. We were taking the family portraits in the church and kept hearing sirens. I include this next picture - not as one of my favorites - but as the very last picture I took before we all had to head to the basement for cover!

amyed 17

We were at Church of the Ascension in Overland Park - and apparently there was a tornado touch down nearby. And now Gary Lezak will be a part of Amy & Ed's wedding album! ;-)

amyed 18

So we finished up taking pictures down in the basement. That's a first for me. I love this one of Amy's parents - Mary & Randy - they are just so cute together...

amyed 19

Luckily the storm blew over and the ceremony remained on schedule.

amyed 20

This post is getting long - I'd better pick up the pace! :-)
Getting hitched...

amyed 21

Husband and wife!

amyed 22

We headed over to the Lodge at the Ironwoods for the reception...

amyed 23

Black & favorite "colors"! I loved the cake. :-)

amyed 24

Everyone was enjoying the tunes - thanks to Cruzin Music. I have to share a picture of Ed's parents I snagged while they were on the dance floor. Phyllis & Cletus will be celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary tomorrow! Congratulations!

amyed 25

Great toasts from Amy's father Randy, maid of honor Brenda, and best man Dante...

amyed 27

Enjoying the toasts...

amyed 28

Ring shot...

amyed 26

CONGRATULATIONS Amy & Ed! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day. You both are so kind and so much fun. Have a blast in Maui! :-)