Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Workfare at the Record Bar

Saturday night I headed on over to The Record Bar in Westport to take some pictures of the Workfare Benefit Concert. Several very talented local bands volunteered their time and talent to help raise funds for Workfare Incorporated, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating socially useful jobs to curb unemployment in the U.S.

On to some of my favorite pictures from the evening! The first performance of the night was by Rex Hobart. Unfortunately his set was over before I arrived, but I snagged a picture of him hanging out at the bar. ;-)

workfare 09

Dobson Hall

workfare 02

workfare 04

workfare 07

workfare 08

workfare 03

workfare 01

workfare 05

workfare 06

The Sunshine Destroyers

workfare 13

workfare 11

workfare 12

workfare 10

workfare 14

workfare 15

workfare 16

Mad Libby

workfare 22

workfare 27

workfare 24

workfare 21

workfare 17

workfare 20

workfare 25

workfare 18

workfare 19

Everyone did a fantastic job - wonderful performances. I wish I could have stayed for the last band, Delorean. However, they weren't going on until midnight which is a bit past my current bedtime. ;-)

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