Monday, June 28, 2010

Old and Tired

The blog was looking a little old and tired. Or maybe I was just craving something new and different....

So check out the new and different blog:


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mumford and Sons

A couple of months ago I came across a band called Mumford and Sons. They have very quickly become one of my favorites! While their show tonight at the Record Bar is sold out (UGH!) I was able to see them (very briefly) at the Firefly Lounge this morning. They are amazing performers, they sound fantastic live.
However...we did wait 4 hours to watch them play 3 songs. Insanity. The first few hours weren't too bad...but the last hour was painful. For some reason there didn't appear to be any airflow at the Lounge and it was like standing in a sauna. We had sweat pouring off of us. Not fun. But once they showed and started playing, it was all good. This was a Kegs and Eggs free show through 96.5 The Buzz.
But let me say this! My friend Lauren has mad navigational skills through a crowd. When we arrived at around 5:30 we were in line behind hundreds of people. And yet when we got into the packed lounge, she walked us through the crowd and right up to the stage. Like some sort of miracle. It really made the wait worthwhile to be that close for the performance! I was standing about 2 feet in front of Marcus Mumford. Almost too close to take pictures. Awkwardly close. haha But it was very very enjoyable. Thank you so much Lauren and Melissa for sweating waiting with me! :-)

Mumford and Sons 04

This girl stood and read her book for a couple of hours while we waited. A great idea actually...

Mumford and Sons 03

Mumford and Sons 02


Mumford and Sons 05


Mumford and Sons 06

They had some (very brave and/or inebriated) people come on stage to do a capella karaoke for prizes while we waited for the band to arrive.

Mumford and Sons 07

Mumford and Sons 08

Mumford and Sons 09

Mumford and Sons 10

And then we waited...and waited...

Mumford and Sons 11

And waited...

Mumford and Sons 12

The instruments arrived...

Mumford and Sons 13

Mumford and Sons 14

Mumford and Sons 15

Mumford and Sons 16

And then Mumford and Sons arrived...

Mumford and Sons 17

Mumford and Sons 18

Mumford and Sons 19

Mumford and Sons 20

Mumford and Sons 21

Mumford and Sons 22

Mumford and Sons 23

Mumford and Sons 24

Mumford and Sons 25

Mumford and Sons 26

Mumford and Sons 27

Mumford and Sons 28

Mumford and Sons 29

Mumford and Sons 30

Mumford and Sons 31

Mumford and Sons 32

Mumford and Sons 33

Mumford and Sons 34

Mumford and Sons 35

Mumford and Sons 36

Mumford and Sons 37

Mumford and Sons 38

And then they were gone...

Mumford and Sons 39

Mumford and Sons 40

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Day with Christie

We have both been so busy it seems like forever and a day since we got to hang we had to cancel our last play date when Christie's daughter was sick. Then Evey was sick and I was afraid we were going to have to cancel again. Luckily - Evey recovered quickly and Christie and I were free to spend the day together. Lunch, shoot, and a movie! It was so much fun.

We ate at one of my favorite restaurants...Cafe Verona. I highly recommend. :-)

Jun10 LunchNShoot 01

Jun10 LunchNShoot 02

Jun10 LunchNShoot 03

Jun10 LunchNShoot 04

Then we wandered for a bit and shot for the love of it. :-)

Jun10 LunchNShoot 05

Jun10 LunchNShoot 06

Jun10 LunchNShoot 07

Jun10 LunchNShoot 08

Jun10 LunchNShoot 09

Jun10 LunchNShoot 10

Jun10 LunchNShoot 11

For my door collection...

Jun10 LunchNShoot 12

Jun10 LunchNShoot 13

Jun10 LunchNShoot 14

Jun10 LunchNShoot 15

Jun10 LunchNShoot 16

Portrait of me and a banana split... haha

Jun10 LunchNShoot 17

Jun10 LunchNShoot 18

Jun10 LunchNShoot 19

Jun10 LunchNShoot 20

Jun10 LunchNShoot 21

Jun10 LunchNShoot 22

Jun10 LunchNShoot 23

Jun10 LunchNShoot 24

Jun10 LunchNShoot 25


Jun10 LunchNShoot 26

And more numbers...

Jun10 LunchNShoot 27

I was laughing so hard here - I'm amazed these aren't completely blurry...

Jun10 LunchNShoot 28

She's up!

Jun10 LunchNShoot 29

But apparently Christie had her heart set on getting more vertical to match the sign. So I tried to offer assistance. Fail! We ended up just going for a different (less physically demanding) interpretation of the sign...(maybe the short and the tall? ha)

(Thank you Christie...I haven't laughed that hard in awhile! :-)

Jun10 LunchNShoot 30

Jun10 LunchNShoot 31

Jun10 LunchNShoot 32

Jun10 LunchNShoot 33

Jun10 LunchNShoot 34

Jun10 LunchNShoot 36

Jun10 LunchNShoot 37

Jun10 LunchNShoot 38

Jun10 LunchNShoot 39