Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Karen, Brad & Blake...Family Portraits

Karen contacted me to capture some portraits of little man we met up at English Landing in Parkville on a GORGEOUS day to do just that. Blake is 15 months old and definitely has taken to the walking thing like a fish to water. He was a constant moving target! :-P He walked and walked and walked...I'm guessing he slept hard that evening! Karen, Brad & Blake are such a lovely family...I had a wonderful time hanging out with them.

karen 01

karen 02

karen 03

karen 04

karen 05

karen 06

Blake LOVES to point. There was lots and lots of pointing. So cute!

karen 07

karen 08

karen 09

Karen is just gorgeous!

karen 10

I was amazed at how many trains came through while we were at the park!

karen 11

karen 12

karen 13

karen 14

karen 15

karen 16

karen 17

karen 18

karen 19

Blake walks with such a man on a mission! It's just funny b/c we could never figure out exactly what that purpose was.... haha

karen 20

karen 21

karen 22

I love this and think it needs a nice big frame. Or canvas perhaps? :-)

karen 23

karen 24

karen 25

karen 26

karen 27

Ice cream!

karen 28

karen 29

karen 30

karen 31

karen 32

I think the sign says it all...

karen 33


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Katherine said...

YOu guys these are just awesome! You all look fantastic and we love seeing our sweet Blake grow. What a handsom family.:)

Love Grandma Hage and Katherine