Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Random...Bass Pro Waterfall Park

Yesterday Maddox and I had breakfast together (a little mommy-son time) and it was such a beautiful morning that afterwards we decided to stop by the Bass Pro park on the way to school. I was so happy that I had my point and shoot in my purse! I was able to capture some really neat images of the nature that surrounded us.

bass pro 01

bass pro 02

bass pro 03

bass pro 04

bass pro 05

The camera in my purse is also great for capturing some random images of this wild animal...

bass pro 06

bass pro 07

1 comment:

Marymoark said...

How pretty and peaceful until the moat monster appeared - LOL. You just keep getting better and better Sarah and can feel the love behind the shooter - love the sunflowers.