Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cecilia...Senior Portraits

This weekend I met Cecilia to capture her in this moment...primed for graduation at the end of her senior year. She will be heading off to college next year to study Radiology. Very cool! I had a wonderful time exploring with Cecilia and her mother on a beautiful spring evening. Here are some of the results...

cecilia 01

cecilia 02

Definitely one of my top favs...

cecilia 03

So pretty!

cecilia 04

cecilia 05

cecilia 06

cecilia 07

cecilia 08

cecilia 09

cecilia 10

cecilia 11

cecilia 12

cecilia 13

cecilia 14

cecilia 15

cecilia 16

cecilia 17

cecilia 18

cecilia 19


cecilia 20

cecilia 21

cecilia 22

cecilia 23

cecilia 24

cecilia 25

cecilia 26


cecilia 27


cecilia 28

Fun! Thanks ladies. :-)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tiffany...Anytime Portraits

I had so much fun hanging out with Tiffany for her Anytime Session. She CLAIMED she was uncomfortable in front of the camera...but I certainly never saw any evidence of that. Turns out she is a natural! :-)

A couple of tree pics I took just before our session...

tiffany c 01

tiffany c 02

And here is Tiffany in her AWESOME boots!

tiffany c 03

tiffany c 04

tiffany c 05


tiffany c 06

tiffany c 07

tiffany c 08


tiffany c 09

tiffany c 10


tiffany c 11

tiffany c 12

tiffany c 13


tiffany c 14

tiffany c 15

tiffany c 16

tiffany c 17


tiffany c 18

tiffany c 19

tiffany c 20

tiffany c 21

tiffany c 22

tiffany c 23


tiffany c 24

tiffany c 25

Tiffany is graduating from college with her first degree...I believe in Business Management. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation...and THANKS for the great session! :-)