Thursday, April 15, 2010

Scott and Angela...Engagement Portraits

Last weekend I met Scott and Angela to shoot their engagement portraits. What a beautiful day! Scott and Angela are so adorable together...they love to play around and have fun. And to make it even more fun...Angela's kiddos were in on the shoot as well. They were quite silly... :-)

scottangela 01

scottangela 02

scottangela 03

scottangela 04

So cute...

scottangela 05

scottangela 06

scottangela 07

Not a perfect photo...but I love the life in it...

scottangela 08

Fun with shadows...

scottangela 09

scottangela 10

scottangela 11

scottangela 12

scottangela 13

scottangela 14

scottangela 15

scottangela 16

So funny...

scottangela 17

scottangela 18

scottangela 19

scottangela 20

scottangela 21

scottangela 22

scottangela 23

scottangela 24

scottangela 25

Love and war...

scottangela 26

scottangela 27

Thanks for a fun shoot!

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Click Photography Owner said...

OH, I'm in LOVE with that BW shot of each of them in a different arc way in that long hallway. SOOOOO coool! I'm sure this family will cherish these pictures for ever and ever and ever! Nicely done.