Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Evey!

Evey is TWO! I can't believe it. My sweet girl has such a great giggle...she's mainly sweet and a little ornery. She's just crazy about animals and loves to make all the farm animal we went with a farm theme.

The night before Evey tried on one of her party hats...

Evey Bday 01

Party Time
Grandma Nita's cake was amazing as usual! :-)

Evey Bday 02

Evey Bday 03

Evey Bday 04

Evey Bday 05


Evey Bday 06

evey bday 07

evey bday 08

She was pretty proud of her messy face...

evey bday 09

Evey really enjoyed her pin-the-chicken-on-the-barn game, she did it over and over again...

Evey Bday 10

I have to include a couple of these. She loves these boots from Becca...if she finds them she wants them on. Even without pants. Here she is coming to tickle me...

Evey Bday 11

And with her party balloons...

Evey Bday 12

HAPPY BIRTHDAY big girl! :-)

Molting Cicada...AWESOME!

Yesterday, Jay spotted a cicada emerging. It was so cool! When we first found it, it was completely horizontal. As we watched, it began to uncurl its wings and climb upward. Did I mention how cool!? ;-)

Partway down on the right of the wikipedia page shows the same species molting in time sequence:

There was one year when we were living in Columbia where multiple species emerged the same year or something...some sort of overlap. There were bizarrely enormous quantities of cicadas EVERYWHERE! It was deafening when you were outside, they were laying dead scattered in the grocery store, you would see them on people as they walked to class. It was very Twilight Zone! I'll never forget a lady I worked with at the time, she kept hearing it but we couldn't find it on her. She finally felt it and we realized it was up inside her skirt!!!

Okay, enough stories...I of course took a few pics of our molting cicada.

Cicada 01

Cicada 02

Cicada 03

Cicada 04


Happy Birthday Mary!

Mary's birthday is the day after Evey's...but Mary's party was the day before Evey's party. And Mary's parties are never boring!

From Tonka truck wrapping paper...

mary bday 01

to GIANT bags filled with...

mary bday 02

...metal pirate toucan statues.

mary bday 03

And I can't forget about the man thong. Even if I wanted to.

mary bday 05

Even the cake was interesting, with fork candle holders!

mary bday 04


mary bday 06

Monday, August 24, 2009

Kristin...Family Portraits

Kristin contacted me for a last minute portrait session for her family since her oldest is heading back off to college. It was a BEAUTIFUL evening! You can tell this gang has their pictures taken every year, they were very relaxed in front of the camera. Makes my job very easy. :-)

The lovely Anna Kate...

kristin 01

kristin 02

Adorable Grace...

kristin 03

And handsome Tommy...

kristin 04

Kristin with her hubby, Tim...

kristin 05

kristin 06

kristin 07

kristin 08

kristin 09

kristin 10

kristin 11

kristin 12

Sisterly love...

kristin 13

kristin 14

kristin 15

kristin 16

kristin 17

kristin 18

kristin 19

kristin 20

kristin 21

The beautiful ladies...

kristin 22

The handsome fellas...

kristin 23

kristin 24

kristin 25

Thanks for a great shoot! :-)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Maddox Goes to Kindergarten

It is finally little baby boy is a big kindergartner!
Just before he left the house with Jay this morning...

kinder 01

Arriving home...
(a little background...we had been hounding him about eating at school. :-)

Kindergartner from Sarah Rimel on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Beth...Family Portraits

This morning I met Beth and her family for a portrait session. It was a lovely morning and the kids had a lot of fun running around and I ended up with a ton of favorites! Here we go...

Good looking family! :-)

bethetal 01

bethetal 02

Little Brooklyn isn't even quite 1 yet, but the girl was on the move! At all times!

bethetal 03

Brandon and Bryce were more willing to just chill (at least some of the time)...

bethetal 04

bethetal 05

bethetal 06

bethetal 07

I just couldn't decide between the next two so you get both...

bethetal 08

bethetal 09

A little Brooklyn...

bethetal 10

bethetal 11

L-O-V-E this one...

bethetal 12

bethetal 13

Then some Bryce...

bethetal 14

bethetal 15

bethetal 16

And finally some Brandon...

bethetal 17

bethetal 18

bethetal 19


bethetal 20

bethetal 21

bethetal 22

bethetal 23

bethetal 24

The kids had Brad working hard, plucking HUGE leaves from a tree...

bethetal 25

bethetal 26

Beth and her sweet kiddos...

bethetal 27

bethetal 28

This next one is just too adorable, cuteness overload. You may need to avert your eyes. ;-)

bethetal 29

bethetal 30

Thanks for the fun shoot! :-)