Saturday, August 15, 2009

Beth...Family Portraits

This morning I met Beth and her family for a portrait session. It was a lovely morning and the kids had a lot of fun running around and I ended up with a ton of favorites! Here we go...

Good looking family! :-)

bethetal 01

bethetal 02

Little Brooklyn isn't even quite 1 yet, but the girl was on the move! At all times!

bethetal 03

Brandon and Bryce were more willing to just chill (at least some of the time)...

bethetal 04

bethetal 05

bethetal 06

bethetal 07

I just couldn't decide between the next two so you get both...

bethetal 08

bethetal 09

A little Brooklyn...

bethetal 10

bethetal 11

L-O-V-E this one...

bethetal 12

bethetal 13

Then some Bryce...

bethetal 14

bethetal 15

bethetal 16

And finally some Brandon...

bethetal 17

bethetal 18

bethetal 19


bethetal 20

bethetal 21

bethetal 22

bethetal 23

bethetal 24

The kids had Brad working hard, plucking HUGE leaves from a tree...

bethetal 25

bethetal 26

Beth and her sweet kiddos...

bethetal 27

bethetal 28

This next one is just too adorable, cuteness overload. You may need to avert your eyes. ;-)

bethetal 29

bethetal 30

Thanks for the fun shoot! :-)


Sarah Guild said...

This post makes me so excited to have you take some photos of my fam! You are SO good!!!

Click Photography Owner said...

What an adorable family! I agree, that picture of Brooklyn walking away next to the columns is sooooo cool! It looks like that little girl has a couple of really awesome big brothers looking after her. So sweet!

sarahbellac said...

Beautiful pics of a beautiful family! You captured their awesome spirits. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Wow Wow Wow, I can hardly run my tower crane because these pictures are so good that my smile is bulging out my windows the the picture of the little girl Brooklyne and the columns and mother and daughter put tears in both eyes. Exelent job, you hit a grand slam.