Monday, August 24, 2009

Kristin...Family Portraits

Kristin contacted me for a last minute portrait session for her family since her oldest is heading back off to college. It was a BEAUTIFUL evening! You can tell this gang has their pictures taken every year, they were very relaxed in front of the camera. Makes my job very easy. :-)

The lovely Anna Kate...

kristin 01

kristin 02

Adorable Grace...

kristin 03

And handsome Tommy...

kristin 04

Kristin with her hubby, Tim...

kristin 05

kristin 06

kristin 07

kristin 08

kristin 09

kristin 10

kristin 11

kristin 12

Sisterly love...

kristin 13

kristin 14

kristin 15

kristin 16

kristin 17

kristin 18

kristin 19

kristin 20

kristin 21

The beautiful ladies...

kristin 22

The handsome fellas...

kristin 23

kristin 24

kristin 25

Thanks for a great shoot! :-)


Rebecca Gomez said...

Beautiful family, love the kids w/ the rainbow in the background, that one is the best!

philso said...

fabulous photos of my fabulous loves!

dr P Dibble

Anonymous said...

pretty family - love that rainbow

kks said...

i didn't even see the rainbow! gotta go back...
gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! favorite pic of the girls is where Grace is laughing and AK is looking at her....they're all beautiful! i like her comment at the beginning.."you can tell this family has their pic taken every year" how about every day! :)

Aunt Dudley

lou said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful family! Lou