Sunday, August 9, 2009

Legos, Monsters, and a Troublesome Toddler

There is currently a lego exhibit at Crown Center...very impressive stuff. I can't imagine the time involved. Some of my favs...

lego 01

lego 02

lego 03

Probably my absolute favorite...

lego 04

ALL legos. Wild.

lego 05

lego 06

lego 07

lego 08

lego 09

lego 10

lego 11

However, we weren't at Crown Center for the legos. We were there to watch my niece perform in a play. A few pics of the kids hanging out beforehand...

My boy...

lego 12

My girl...

lego 13

Evey had a blast with the air vent...very Marilyn Monroe. ;-)

lego 14

While Maddox played with his cousin Connor. No idea what they were doing but they sure seemed entertained...

lego 15

lego 16

I so wish I had her hair...

lego 18

lego 17

Then it was showtime. Elise was a member of the secret society of girls who like to make bracelets...or something like a play called the Monster Hunters at the Coterie. :-P

lego 19

lego 20

lego 21

lego 22

What I saw of the play was very cute and funny. Unfortunately, my daughter is not of the age to sit quietly and enjoy a play. We didn't make it very long before I needed to exit with her so that others could enjoy the performance. So we wandered around Crown Center waiting for the rest of the family. At least I had my camera to help entertain myself...

lego 23

lego 24

The child can't sit still! What is the deal?! haha

lego 25

lego 26

lego 27

lego 28

lego 29

She's lucky she's so stinkin' cute...

lego 30

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Click Photography Owner said...

Those legos creations are k-k-krazy! I can't imagine how long those take to make. Cool shots of them. Neat play, too. Oh, and I'm with you...I want your daughter's hair.