Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Evey!

Evey is TWO! I can't believe it. My sweet girl has such a great giggle...she's mainly sweet and a little ornery. She's just crazy about animals and loves to make all the farm animal we went with a farm theme.

The night before Evey tried on one of her party hats...

Evey Bday 01

Party Time
Grandma Nita's cake was amazing as usual! :-)

Evey Bday 02

Evey Bday 03

Evey Bday 04

Evey Bday 05


Evey Bday 06

evey bday 07

evey bday 08

She was pretty proud of her messy face...

evey bday 09

Evey really enjoyed her pin-the-chicken-on-the-barn game, she did it over and over again...

Evey Bday 10

I have to include a couple of these. She loves these boots from Becca...if she finds them she wants them on. Even without pants. Here she is coming to tickle me...

Evey Bday 11

And with her party balloons...

Evey Bday 12

HAPPY BIRTHDAY big girl! :-)


Rebecca Gomez said...

Awww... She looks just darling sporting the boots! So glad she likes them! Party was so fun, we are glad you had us over!!

Click Photography Owner said...

Wow, two already. In one of the pictures, it really shows the resemblance of her brother. That cake looks massive in those shots, too. Where's my piece! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed the party - Evey is so cute - wish I had her hair.
Was in Springfield celebrating my birthday.