Monday, August 31, 2009

Molting Cicada...AWESOME!

Yesterday, Jay spotted a cicada emerging. It was so cool! When we first found it, it was completely horizontal. As we watched, it began to uncurl its wings and climb upward. Did I mention how cool!? ;-)

Partway down on the right of the wikipedia page shows the same species molting in time sequence:

There was one year when we were living in Columbia where multiple species emerged the same year or something...some sort of overlap. There were bizarrely enormous quantities of cicadas EVERYWHERE! It was deafening when you were outside, they were laying dead scattered in the grocery store, you would see them on people as they walked to class. It was very Twilight Zone! I'll never forget a lady I worked with at the time, she kept hearing it but we couldn't find it on her. She finally felt it and we realized it was up inside her skirt!!!

Okay, enough stories...I of course took a few pics of our molting cicada.

Cicada 01

Cicada 02

Cicada 03

Cicada 04



Rebecca Gomez said...

FREAKY! And at the same time, very cool.

Anonymous said...

unbelievable Sarah - how awesome...