Thursday, July 30, 2009

Walk About

It had been a long time...but Christie and I finally got together for another lunch and shoot. This time we headed to Westport...and we were joined by Christina and Anneka. It was so nice to hang out, talk shop, and then wander around shooting for the joy of it. It was so nice to shoot again, and I'm so happy to report that my hand did quite well! I'm finally on the road to recovery. :-)

So let's get to some of the random shots from the day!

shoot 01

This one sums up the afternoon. ;-)

shoot 02

shoot 03

shoot 04


shoot 05

shoot 07

shoot 08

shoot 06

For Becca... ;-)

shoot 09

shoot 10

shoot 11

For my door collection...

shoot 12

shoot 13

shoot 16

shoot 15

shoot 18

shoot 17

Thanks ladies! Looking forward to next time. :-)


Click Photography Owner said...

oooo, cool shots! You make Westport look good! I must confess I haven't uploaded my shots yet. Ek! One of these days I'll get caught up. haha

Christina Sandberg said...

Great shots, Sarah! I haven't even looked at mine yet... I'm sure, yes certain that they will not be as good!

Rebecca Gomez said...

Love the lion shot & angle. Thanks for thinking of me. I would love to use that one somewhere!