Thursday, July 30, 2009


We finally made it to a pool! We have had a rough time getting a swim in this summer. We've been crazy busy...and then anytime our schedule would allow was either raining or unseasonably cool. But last weekend my sister invited us to their neighborhood pool...and we were free...and it was a nice hot day for swimming! Unfortunately for me, I was not able to join in on the fun due to my hand injury. This would prompt Maddox to say, "How sorry do you feel for yourself?" His standard question lately when I mention anything about my finger, ha! Anyways, since I couldn't swim I decided to try to take some pictures.

Evey was fearless and loved every second!

pool 01

pool 02

Maddox and Connor had fun with their water launchers...

pool 05

pool 03

Elise did a wonderful job entertaining Evey. Not only do I love Elise's fish lips in the first shot, but her hot pink face in the second made me laugh as well...

pool 04

pool 07

At some point Maddox insisted on wearing these goggles. His head never went under water once. I guess it was a fashion statement. ;-)

pool 12

pool 08

pool 09

Maddox thought he was surfing...

pool 10

Connor was more than willing to play along...

pool 11

pool 13

Surfer babe...

pool 14

There was some sort of competition that Connor dreamt up...Elise and Grandpa Lee in action...

pool 15

Jay reacting very dramatically to Evey's ball her delight...

pool 16

I love his smile... :-)

pool 17

Connor torturing Elise...

pool 18

pool 21

pool 19

pool 22

pool 20

pool 06

I was bummed I couldn't enjoy the pool, but the fun pics make me feel less "sorry for myself." ;-)

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Stephanie said...

They look like they had so much fun!!!