Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Maddox!

My unfortunate incident...combined with two kiddos sick with two different viruses...led us to postpone Maddox's birthday party. He was so good and patient about it all - I was very proud of him. So yesterday we were finally able to celebrate Maddox turning 5!

I managed to adapt my technique enough to get some shots!
The birthday boy...

mad bday 01

With cousin Connor...

mad bday 02

Pirate Evey...
(or "Evey...pirate!" as she prefers to say)

mad bday 03

Grandma Nita went all out on the cake (as usual)...

mad bday 04

mad bday 05

In this one you can see Evey starting to climb across the table to "help"...

mad bday 06

Maddox was pretty calm and collected during the gift opening...

mad bday 07

But he could not contain his enthusiasm for the pinata. It was his first pinata experience and even after the candy had been removed...he continued to beat the thing to a pulp. Should I be concerned?!

mad bday 08

The party crew:

mad bday 09


Happy Birthday to my boy!


Rebecca Gomez said...

The Pirate face cut out is a great idea to get all of your guests in a pic for your child to see later when they are grown what everyone looked like when they were small. Love the idea!!

Click Photography Owner said...

LOVE the party pics! You know how to throw one Fierce Pirate Party! That cake was soooooooooo cool!!! Where's my piece? :(