Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our Fourth

We headed over to my sister's house for some Independence Day celebration and firework fun. We had some dinner and hung around waiting for it to get dark. Little Miss Evey is going through a rather clingy stage with me...some sort of delayed separation anxiety? I don't know. But she doesn't like me out of her sight these days.

4th 01

4th 02

4th 03

Evey was carefree, having a fabulous time...

4th 04

until we headed outside and she heard the fireworks going off in the neighborhood. She was a little concerned...

4th 05

Though Grandpa Lee got her hooked up with some poppers and she thought those were pretty interesting.

4th 06

4th 07

Maddox also enjoyed the poppers.

4th 08

Though he had a slightly more aggressive approach...

4th 09

4th 10

4th 11

Maddox was setting off fireworks for the first time...

4th 12

I say it all the time, but I just can't get over how big my niece is now...

4th 13

4th 14

4th 15

4th 16

4th 17

When it came to retrieving parachutes, Jay and my sister got a little competitive. ;-)

4th 18

Ooooohhhh, aaaaaahhhh...

4th 19

LOVE the eyebrows!

4th 20

Taking out a line of poppers...

4th 21

It got chillier than I anticipated, so we had to hit up Connor's closet for something to keep little Evey warm...

4th 22

The wind was making it difficult to light the snakes. Jay to the rescue. Though I'm not sure the snakes were supposed to actually be on fire.

4th 23

Sparkler as light saber...

4th 24

4th 25

4th 26

4th 27

4th 28

4th 31

Jay and Maddox...

4th 32

4th 33

4th 37


4th 36

LOVE the abstract quality here...

4th 29

Their neighbor up the street put on quite a show! :-)

4th 30

4th 34

4th 35

4th 38

Hope you had a fabulous 4th of July!


Stephanie said...

Evey is sooo cute!! I love those curls. Also, the pics of the fireworks are great!

Rebecca Gomez said...

Love the eyebrow pic! What a cutie with lots of expression.

Click Photography Owner said...

Have I told you how adorable your kids are before? They are soooo cute! So, Matt was looking at your blog with me and was totally impressed with the fireworks shot of the spiral...right after the heart shape. Very very sweeeeeet firework action.