Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Kiddos

A few pics of the kids...starting with Christmas Eve at Jay's mom's house. Maddox's stocking at Grandma Nita's is as big as he is.

christmas 20

Evey helped herself to Grandma Nita's glasses. Stylin!

christmas 21

I love the hat Maddox got from Grandma Nita. CUTE! Maybe not when he makes this face...

christmas 22

Itty bitty Santa village...

christmas 23

Cozy fire...

christmas 24

Then home to get ready for Santa and go to bed! Maddox was very upset when I realized we didn't have any cookies for Santa. But when I pointed out that he probably gets tired of cookies and that everyone loves pumpkin bread...he relaxed. So carrots for the reindeer and pumpkin bread for Santa! And a note from Maddox. ;-)

christmas 25

Santa left sleds and scooters! Lucky for Santa it snowed!!!

christmas 26

Maddox was a little wobbly at first, and thus a little blurry as well.

christmas 27

They have both been thrilled with their scooters. Scooter girl...

christmas 28

Maddox also loved the quick draw set we got him...a gun that can fire cans and bottles off of a log. Fun. A compromise...a gun without gore or violence. :-)

christmas 29

christmas 30

christmas 31

christmas 32

christmas 33

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