Saturday, December 5, 2009

Maddox Sings REAL Good

Last week, Maddox took part in his very first school Christmas Pageant. He joined the other kindergartners plus the first graders to kick off the show by singing several Christmas songs. He had been nervous, not knowing what to expect. We convinced him he would do great! As his debut approached, he became braver and more confident. In fact, he felt everyone would be quite surprised to hear how good he sings...because he sings REAL good. ;-) Just before we got there, he was commenting that there probably wouldn't be too many people there. We didn't want to freak him out, so we remained silent on that topic. When he came out, he made a hilarious face when he saw the size of the crowd (it was a huge crowd...he made his "what the heck?!" face) and then was scanning the audience for us.

christmas pageant 01

Once he found us, he was all about waving! haha

christmas pageant 02

Unfortunately, my child is a little short. So for much of the performance I could only see the top of his head. :-(
Luckily the girl in front of him grew fidgity and I managed to get some clear shots.

christmas pageant 03

christmas pageant 04

My FAVORITE! Both for Maddox's eager wave...and for his neighbor's protruding tongue. ha

christmas pageant 05

I wanted to include just a couple of pics from one of the other performances. These kids were so cute in their bear outfits.

christmas pageant 06

But this one child in particular stole the show. I'm going to go out on a limb and claim he will be an entertainer of some kind when he grows up. Academy Award? Maybe.
The next Jim Carrey? Quite possibly. He cracked me up. He made sure to really sell the emotions. ;-)

christmas pageant 07

My boy in action. Again, it's a lot of the top of his head. But there are yet another wave at the end. :-) I apologize for the sickening camera work...I was trying to record with my very heavy telephoto lens by hand...not easy.

Jingle Bells from Sarah Rimel on Vimeo.

Maddox seemed more interested in his shirt during this song. :-)

Two Front Teeth from Sarah Rimel on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Oh how funny and oh so sweet...Brings back memories from many years ago.. So innocent but so comical....Thanks Sarah for sharing these.

Click Photography Owner said...

Oh man, too funny!!!! I loved the first video...break out the jingle bells and it causes the fastforward button on kids' singing. hahahahahaha

Sarah Guild said...

Maddox so funny. Really liked the "what the heck?" face. Jonathan saw Evey as I was looking at your blog and asked if she could come over to play. "I think that girl with the pink on should come over to our house."