Saturday, December 5, 2009

Belated Thanks

I wanted to get some pics of our Thanksgiving up for the family...and also share my thanks.

I am, as always, incredibly thankful for the blessed life I lead. I have an amazing family and group of friends that make my life a true joy. But what jumped out at me this year is how thankful I am for all of the photographs I have accumulated over the years. I was looking through my digital library for photos of my kids from the past several years (for a Christmas photo project) and was amazed at how many different stages and moments I had forgotten about. With each picture, a bunch of memories would come flooding back. I never want to forget all of those simple but special moments we have shared. I'm sure as I get older (I'm convinced I'm slowly losing my mind, ha)...and my kids continue to change and develop...I will need those memory prompts even more! So I am thankful I walk through life with a camera pressed to my face. ;-) Those photographic memories mean so much to me...and hopefully will be treasured by my children and grandchildren and many future generations.

So we went to my sister's house to celebrate Thanksgiving...

thanks 03

YUM! However...I mainly photographed my sister's new puppy on Thanksgiving Day. This is Henry...

thanks 01

thanks 02

thanks 04

thanks 05

thanks 07

We all tried to make sure Gracie got some attention too!

thanks 06

thanks 08

Lee enjoying Chris' magazines. :-P (And Dan enjoying some football.)

thanks 09

A little playful leg gnawing...

thanks 10

And some really hard napping...

thanks 11

thanks 12

thanks 13

Then back to being a puppy...

thanks 14

thanks 16

thanks 15

Hope everyone had a happy...and restful...Thanksgiving! :-)

thanks 17

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