Thursday, December 31, 2009

H1N1 and Santa Claus

A couple weeks before Christmas, we headed to Bass Pro to get the kids their H1N1 booster and figured we'd see Santa while we were there. An interesting combo, I'll admit. ha

christmas 01

Bass Pro's Winter Wonderland was complete with dead, taxidermied Reindeer. I'm not gonna lie...I found it creepy.

christmas 02

Granted, I'm not big on hunting. I'm not going to say I'm completely anti-hunting...I do think that there are times when hunting animals is appropriate for one reason or another. But I personally prefer to shoot with my camera. ;-)
Regardless, any time I see taxidermied animals...I can't help but think of Ellen Degeneres' bit on hunting. Funny.

christmas 03

christmas 04

Being Bass Pro, the stockings were overflowing with guns. haha

christmas 05

christmas 06

Maddox is clearly their key demographic.

christmas 07

christmas 08

So after exploring the Winter Wonderland we got their H1N1 booster and then headed back to see Santa.

christmas 09

Maddox never wants to sit on Santa's lap and Evey was more interested in her sucker...

christmas 10

so once again we managed to avoid waiting in line for Santa. Woo hoo! My kids were content to enjoy his presence from a distance.

christmas 11

So Maddox and Jay headed off to find more guns and games. Evey and I hung out and enjoyed her sucker and the only live animals we could find. Ducks and fish.

christmas 12

christmas 19

christmas 16

christmas 17

christmas 18

Look how long Evey's hair is!!!

christmas 13

christmas 14

We finally found Maddox...again with a gun. And what Maddox does...Evey does! :-)

christmas 15


Don said...

I am always in awe of Evey - she is so beautiful and that hair - I'm so jealous. Maddox is darling and sorry Sarah, but I love the fact that he's all boy and loves guns. How funny.

Don said...

Sarah, I haven't changed my name, its just the way the acct. is set up.


Stephanie Alexander said...

I love the b/w of Evey with the lollipop. She is so pretty!!!