Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cathy & Dave...Wedding Photography (Part 2)

I posted some of the portraits from Cathy & Dave's wedding in Part 1. Now moving on to the festivities...we arrived at the chapel for the ceremony. I love that Cathy's grandpa would wave at me everytime he saw the camera. :-) :-)

rohr 27


rohr 28

When front row seats aren't enough... ;-)

rohr 29

In how many chapels do you find yourself wearing sunglasses in direct sunlight? Can't be very many. :-)

rohr 30

Ceremony time...

rohr 31

rohr 32

rohr 33

LOVE how Cathy's dad is looking at her, so sweet...

rohr 34

rohr 35

rohr 36

rohr 37


rohr 38

More waiting...

rohr 39

Time to hit the road...

rohr 40

We made a quick stop at a gas station on the way to the supplies and what not... ;-)

rohr 41

rohr 42

rohr 53

Arriving at Garozzo's for the reception...

rohr 43

rohr 44

Where there was cake smashing...

rohr 45

And retaliation...

rohr 46

And there were some pretty amazing moves on the dance floor...

rohr 49

rohr 51

rohr 50

rohr 48

But the real fun went down in the photobooth!!!
Stay tuned for Part 3... :-P

For now, I will leave you with the ring shot...

rohr 47

CONGRATS Cathy & Dave!


Lisa Hessel said...

what a beautiful ceremony location! gorgeous photos!

Click Photography Owner said...

Love how the ring shot turned out. The rest of the pictures are fabulous, as usual. I was so excited to see Cathy and Dave do some cake smashing. I love when people do that...they are far and few these days.