Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Connor!

Yesterday we celebrated my nephew Connor's 7th birthday. He had a "Horton Hears a Who" party!

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Connor's sister, Elise, made him a super cool Dr. Seuss hat to wear for the occasion.

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Evey was particularly fond of the decorations...

web c 16

Their cat, Ozzie, was also quite fond of the decorations. Party animal...

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web c 14

With a shared love for party decorations...Evey and Ozzie became fast friends.

web c 13

web c 12

Party toes...

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Maddox had been very much looking forward to Connor's party. He had a fabulous time playing with various toy swords and guns. (Are boys innately drawn to weaponry?)

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It was a beautiful nice to get outside! Maddox spent some time jumping off of rocks while the big kids rode their bikes.

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He may not be one of the big kids...but he is looking awfully big to me!

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Evey stayed inside and enjoyed the view from the window. Who knew a window could be so much fun!?

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Happy Birthday Connor!

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