Saturday, April 26, 2008

Engagement Portraits...Sarah & Stephen

Well, I'm afraid Katelyn did not hold the "windiest photo shoot" title for long. Not only was last night's photo shoot with Sarah & Stephen even was also much colder! Brrrrrr!

Sarah is a nurse and Stephen is a paramedic...that tells you a lot about their character. Plus Stephen dabbles in photography on the obviously he is super cool. ;-) In addition to being wonderful individuals, they are even more fabulous as a couple!

So let's get to the pictures! VOTE for your favorite in the comments section below and Sarah & Stephen will get a free 8x10 of the winning image! Here are some of my favorites...

web ss 01

web ss 02

web ss 03

web ss 04

web ss 05

I love how Stephen looks at sweet!

web ss 06

web ss 07

web ss 08

This shot was inspired by a maternity shot from The Image is Found...LOVE THEM!

web ss 09

web ss 10

Perhaps a little too ominous for an engagement shot? I like it anyways!

web ss 11

We finally had to go inside to escape the cold and wind!

web ss 12

web ss 13

web ss 14

web ss 15

Thanks Sarah & Stephen! See you in June!


Rebecca Gomez said...

9 is awesome, it gets my vote. #2 is a close second. Cute couple!

Mary Harvey said...

I think #12 shows how much in love they are.....

Mary said...

I vote for numero doce (12)!