Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sick and Tired

Here is how poor little Evey has been feeling lately...

web e 01

So sad. Evey has been sick for a whole week now! For the most part she seems to be recovering but it is still up and down...she's fine one minute...sick and tired the next. Here are a few pics from yesterday morning when she was feeling pretty good.

web e 03

Look at those cheeks!

web e 04

Here you can see her index finger in its most common position...fully extended for serious poking action. Sometimes she has both index fingers at full point simultaneously. She loves to point and poke!

web e 05

Maddox being silly...

web e 02

I love this shot of Maddox and Evey "playing together." I like to pretend that he didn't wrench the book away from her a fraction of a second after I tripped the shutter.

web e 06

As I said...she loves to poke at things. Here she is exploring Maddox toes...

web e 07

I can't wait for my little Evey to be feeling 100% again!

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