Friday, November 21, 2008

Is Evey Walking?

I've been getting that question a lot lately so thought I would give an Evey update. So is Evey walking? Yes and no. She CAN walk. However, for some reason she seems afraid to go long distances and prefers her various methods of cruising, crawling, and scooting. She is much faster at these methods, perhaps that is why they win out over walking most of the time.

eveykins 01

eveykins 02

So I tried to get some pictures of her in action but it wasn't easy. I had to put her out a ways and then run back and grab the camera.

eveykins 03

eveykins 04

She was already on her way, plus I realized her hair was coming out of her bow. Her hair is getting so long that it is in her eyes without a bow or barette. However, if she finds the hair accessory, she removes it. So it's a constant battle. I fixed her hair and gave it another try...

eveykins 05

eveykins 06

eveykins 07

One more try. Here she is concentrating...

eveykins 08

and requesting assistance...

eveykins 09

I will have to try to videotape her in action this weekend and post a little video clip if I get a chance. :-)

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