Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fun at the Zoo

We joined Friends of the Zoo this year and yet this past Monday was the first time we managed to get out there. Seems like everytime I tried before, the weather was less than cooperative. But Monday was quite beautiful! So I packed up the kids (and my dad) and headed for the zoo. Thought I would share some of my favorite pics from the day.

Maddox and PaPa at the top of the treehouse...

zoo 15

I really really like this picture of a meerkat in the Discovery Barn. If he had turned his head to the right to catch his profile...I would LOVE the picture. Unfortunately he did not follow directions well. ;-)

zoo 14

Maddox watching the kangaroos...

zoo 11

The kangaroos were my favorite of the day, so I took quite a few photos...

zoo 12

zoo 13

My favorite kangaroo pic...

zoo 10

Maddox's favorite thing at the zoo was a small stream he spotted running alongside the main path. He loves throwing rocks and sticks in any body of water he comes across. So we spent several minutes hanging out by the stream while Maddox chucked rocks and sticks.

zoo 09

zoo 08

He really likes showing off how strong he is! I was trying to get the splash as the rock hit the water but I was a little too fast and caught it mid-air instead. I'll have to work on my timing. ;-)

zoo 07

Evey's favorite thing at the zoo was Maddox's lemonade.

zoo 06

Another highlight for Maddox...this large rock structure to climb on so that he could be just like his idol, Bear Grylls (Man vs. Wild is his favorite tv show).

zoo 05

Every time we go to the zoo, Maddox wants to see the sea lion show.

zoo 02

zoo 03

Evey was watching the sea lion show from her stroller. It just so happens that one of the sea lions ended up performing right in front of her...she got to see that sea lion right up close from about 3 feet away. She was fascinated. Then the sea lion let out a huge roar right in her face...not so fun anymore! So PaPa held her for the rest of the show. I think she preferred people watching. ;-)

zoo 01

zoo 04

That's it for this installment of zoo pictures. I'm sure there will be many many more this summer!

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