Friday, May 2, 2008

The Goldilocks Blog

When I first started the photo blog, I posted images of this size...

web hike 01

But I felt the pictures were just too small!
So I started posting images like this...

web hike 01

But it seems these photos are too large! While they look great to me - apparently a portion of the landscape images are being cut off on many people's monitors. (Not that anyone mentioned it until yesterday...hello? Anyone out there? ;-)

So I'm hoping that this size is just right...

ETA: Okay, so I heard back from at least one person that the new medium size was still cut off a bit. So I got brave and headed into the HTML to poke around and see what I could find. I think I have fixed the problem so that I can now even use the LARGE images I have been posting recently...though I did have to move a couple of things around.

What do you think? Please let me know or leave a comment if you are having any problems viewing the photos in their entirety. THANKS!

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