Monday, May 12, 2008

Even Better Than Dandelions

I forgot I had taken these on my birthday and wanted to share a few. I may have mentioned the constant stream of lovely yellow dandelions I have been receiving lately.... Well, Maddox selected a real bouquet of flowers for me on my birthday. Flowers and gifts are always presented from behind him...he likes to hide whatever it is behind his back and make a big presentation out of it. ;-) Very cute. And he was pretty serious about helping me arrange them all in a vase.

web b 03

web b 01

And I can't remember what I said to him here, but I had to share this picture b/c he makes this face pretty frequently and it cracks me up. This expression generally indicates that whatever you have just said is (in Maddox's opinion) grossly incorrect and/or totally crazy. He makes this face right before he sets you straight. ;-)

web b 02

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