Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pool Party

Well, last weekend we finally made it to the pool for the first time this summer! I can't believe we didn't make it until July! Almost mid-July! Seems like we were either busy or it was too cool or raining....

But we finally made it! And this was Evey's very first pool experience. I was pretty sure she would enjoy it because she loves her baths and even sticks her face in the water during bathtime. We went to my sister's neighborhood pool, which has a zero entry kiddie area. Very nice! So my sister stood Evey at the water's edge and held on to her fingers and followed her lead. Evey walked right into the water and walked all around the kiddie area. She walked into the water up to her chest...I think she would have kept going but my sister tried to steer her into shallower waters. Later on we gave her Maddox's spiderman floatie and she just picked her feet right up and started floating in it. We took her into the deep end and she just floated and kicked her little feet. She's a fish!

Maddox...not so much. Though he did do better than in previous years. He gets a little braver every time we go. He let me take him into the deeper water and did put his face in the water when I went under. So we are making progress.

Anyways - we had a fabulous time and hope we can get back soon. I took some pics but would like to get some video footage. I only took one video and it is really bad because I am trying to avoid being splashed by Maddox the whole time. It's only the point & shoot camera...but still. I don't know how much water it can take. So I took a few pics and then put the camera in a drier location. ;-)

A few shots from Evey's first "swim"...

pool 04

pool 03

And the Mad man...

pool 02

pool 01

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