Tuesday, July 1, 2008

ACTION Photo Contest


A short while back, my friend Matt shared with me the “best photo ever taken.” It is a great shot indeed, and gave me the idea for the next SRP Photo Contest! ACTION! And summer seems like the perfect time of year – when everyone is out having fun. So what are you doing this summer? Let’s see your action shots!

This contest is open to anybody and everybody...yes, that means you! As usual, ACTION will be open to interpretation…get creative and have fun with it!

- DEADLINE for all entries is Sunday, August 3rd.
- You may submit no more than 2 images and must be willing to have your picture(s) posted on the blog.
- Attach your photos in an email message and send to contest@rimelphoto.com.
- Be sure to include the photographer's full name and any information you care to share about the story behind the photo(s) you are submitting.

(If possible…size your images to 1800 pixels on the long side…or save your images for the web. If you have no idea what this means…don’t worry – just send me your pictures.)

Hmmm…what will be the fabulous prize(s)??? ;-)

I can't wait to see your images! Happy Shooting!

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