Monday, August 18, 2008

Jeff, Tierney, Lucas & Jamie...Family Portraits

Yesterday I met Jeff and his wife, Tierney, along with their two kiddos (Lucas & Jamie) for a mini portrait session. Lucas and Jamie are definitely nature enthusiasts. We hadn't even fully made it out of the parking lot and they were plucking insects off of plant leaves... (I LOVE Jamie's super cool sunglasses)

jtlj 01

It was a gorgeous morning...

jtlj 02

Blue skys with puffy white clouds are my favorite - so I had to get a shot with the amazing sky...

jtlj 03

The family back down here on Earth...

jtlj 04

I love this shot of Lucas...

jtlj 05

How adorable is Jamie?!

jtlj 06

Proud parents - Jeff & Tierney...

jtlj 07

Lucas after he caught his first frog...

jtlj 08

jtlj 09

jtlj 12

jtlj 10

Jamie carrying her own little frog around...

jtlj 11

Thanks guys for a fun little session!

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Rebecca Gomez said...

It's so nice to see kids being kids, catching frogs, cute!