Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Last Saturday was my father's 60th birthday! So we threw him a big bash to celebrate. My dad is a movie buff - so we went with a Hollywood theme, complete with popcorn and a slideshow "movie" spanning 60 years of my dad's life so far!

dad 01

Guests walked the red carpet in their very "creative red carpet attire"...

dad 03

dad 02

There were even some glamorous bow-ties on hand for anyone who felt they could handle the look...

dad 05

The birthday boy and his lovely wife arriving in style...

dad 04

That Hollywood crowd can be such a bad influence...

dad 06

I'm pretty sure only non-smokers would have this much fun with some candy cigarettes.

dad 07

My dad is very serious about his birthday cake and the annual ritual of blowing out the candles.

dad 09

He insists on having the exact number of candles on his for this birthday we needed 60 candles. Such a large number of candles can be detrimental to both the cake and the air quality in the room. We did take some precautions for the cake - using nifty little candle holders to keep the wax off - and placing them all on one half so we still had half a cake left afterwards. ;-)

dad 10

Lighting the candles can be quite a challenge. At one point I think there were 4-5 of us trying to get them all lit before the first ones melted. Almost there...

dad 11

The final part of the ritual is getting them all blown out in one breath. He did it!

dad 12

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Gary/Winston/Dad/PaPa...Happy Birthday to you.

Any many more.... :-)

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