Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jennifer + Jake...Wedding Photography

As far as I am concerned, the weather this weekend was as perfect as weather can get. Autumn is my favorite season, and it is most enjoyable with the amazing temperatures we have had lately. What a perfect day to get married! Lucky for Jennifer and just so happened to be their wedding day! :-)

Jennifer's lovely gown...

jenjake 01

jenjake 02

First, on the left, adorable little Lucy looking up at Jennifer.
Then she stood up and grabbed ahold of her mother's perfect hair. There was a huge gasp around the room. So funny! Luckily the hair was safe. ;-)

jenjake 03

Of course, Jennifer looked STUNNING...

jenjake 04

jenjake 05

They even look good dodging insects. :-P

jenjake 06

jenjake 07

jenjake 08

The ever-so-handsome groom...

jenjake 09

jenjake 10

I'm crazy about this shot of Jake...

jenjake 11

jenjake 12

jenjake 13

I so love first meetings...

jenjake 14

jenjake 15

jenjake 16

jenjake 17

jenjake 18

jenjake 19

jenjake 20

I LOVE this shot. So simple...but it so perfectly makes me think of yin and yang...seems appropriate. :-)

jenjake 21

jenjake 22

jenjake 23

jenjake 24

A little time to hang out and play before the ceremony...

jenjake 25

Adorable Logan...

jenjake 27

jenjake 28

jenjake 29

Look at that huge smile!!! :-)

jenjake 30

This was supposed to say "Jennifer (heart) Jake"...but there had been quite a bit of drinking at this it didn't work out quite as planned. ;-)

jenjake 31

jenjake 46

jenjake 45

jenjake 32

jenjake 33

jenjake 34

jenjake 35

jenjake 36

jenjake 37

Ah yeah...

jenjake 38

This gentleman's dance solo (awesome! - none of my stills do it justice) earned him a little special attention from the bride. ;-)

jenjake 39

jenjake 40

Go big or go home! haha

jenjake 41

jenjake 42

Ring shot...

jenjake 44

I think I like this one better...

jenjake 43

CONGRATULATIONS Jennifer & Jake! I am so thrilled you have found your Happily Ever After....


Click Photography Owner said...

HOLY WOW! These look absolutely-completely AMAZING! They did pick the perfect day for such a beautiful wedding. There are too many favorites...but I have to give mention to the painting-with-light shot. HOW COOL!!!!!! Fabulous as always, Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, you have outdone yourself. These are the most amazing photos ever - unbelievable capturing of a grand moment. You are fantastic.
I love the one when Lucy went to grab Debra's hair but the one with Jen & Jake seeing each other for the first time is so "special". Can't wait for all of them to be done. This was really fantastic that you were the photographer since you are my niece. Great job.

Sothy said...

I came across your website thru google adsense. Your photos are amazing and very lively. Very inspired.