Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fun in the Snow

Shortly after the first snow...we bundled up and headed outside to have fun with the sleds the kids got from Santa! Evey absolutely LOVES the snow...though she calls it snowman. We've tried and tried to explain...she still says,"oooo, look at the snowman!" anytime she sees snow.

Sled 01

Never too old...

Sled 02

Maddox was next...

Sled 03

Sled 04

Sled 05

Evey didn't want to sled, but Jay sat her on the sled and gave it a push anyways. That explains the terror in her expression...

Sled 06

She also looks a little like the kid from A Christmas Story who can't put his arms down.

Sled 07

Evey preferred exploring and touching the "snowman"...

Sled 08

Sled 09

For some reason Cash loves rolling around in snow...

Sled 10

Sled 11

Sled 12

Sled 13

Jay uncovered the old baby sled for Evey since she didn't want to go down the hill anymore. Maddox jumped right in. Again, never too old...

Sled 14

Sled 15

Sled 16

Definitely more Evey's speed...

Sled 17

So then the boys headed down to the park to sled the "big hill" and Evey got cold so us girls headed back inside to warm up. :-)

Sled 18

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stephanie Alexander said...

It looks like they had so much fun!! Great pics