Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Evey Meets Solids

Evey got to try her first solid food today...tasteless rice cereal! Mmmmm! Here she is waiting for her cereal...

She had no idea what she was waiting for obviously...but she found the bib to be quite fascinating and lots of fun. Made it rather difficult to feed her at times. She kept grabbing the bib and pulling it up over her face. Maybe she was trying to tell me no thanks.

But I did manage to get some in her mouth.

And for the most part she seemed unimpressed. ;-) Honestly though - I think she did better than Maddox - I remember him making a lot more disgusted faces when he was first introduced to cereal.

Speaking of Maddox - he got quite a kick out of the whole thing. He was very excited to step in and feed his little sister for the first time!

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