Monday, January 28, 2008

Fun With Letters & Numbers

Maddox has some of those foam letters and numbers that float in the bathtub and stick to the walls. He has a pretty good time with them.

web bath fun 05

I like to stick them to his back and watch him try to get them off. Sounds mean ;-) but he thinks it is funny. He was having fun with the letters as well. At one point he was holding a V up to his eyes, closing the gap in the V, and saying that he was squishing my head. Brought back fond memories of Kids in the Hall. ;-) Anybody else a fan of Kids? "I'm crusing your head!" hehe
Sorry, I digress. Anyways - here are some other fun (completely non-educational) things to do with the letters!

web bath fun 03

web M 03

And here is Maddox demonstrating how long his arms have gotten. He is indeed getting to be a big boy!

web M 01

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