Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fun Dining

We spent last Sunday evening at the house of Jen and Dave. Jen made a delicious dinner! Yummy! We started with a fantastic salad (my favorite actually...with apples, pecans, and a balsamic vinagrette). We each made our own entree. Jen provided delicious ingredients...

web Dolson Dinner 01

Here is Dave's entree. Any guesses?

web Dolson Dinner 02

Believe it or not - that is a calzone. Dave stretched his calzone to maximum capacity - rendering it unrecognizable. :-) The rest of the calzones may have looked a little better than Dave's - but they were all extremely tasty! Plus we had brownies & ice cream for dessert. :-) :-) :-)

Sean was more serious about eating than Maddox.

web Dolson Dinner 03

He chugged a cup full of milk in seconds. Very impressive.

web Dolson Dinner 04

Then it was back to playing. Maddox and Sean played together very well with only minor disagreements and one bloody nose incident. :-)

web Dolson Dinner 06

web Dolson Dinner 05

Evey couldn't really join in with the boys but she did enjoy staring at their ceiling fan until she passed out. I love how smooshed her little face is here.

web Dolson Dinner 07

Thank you so much for having us over. We had a wonderful time and on the way home Maddox said he wanted to go back soon and play with Sean for a "long long long time!"

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