Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Law of Fives

Ever heard of the Law of Fives? You can google it. Or blackle it or darkoogle it. ;-)
It basically says that everything can be related to the number five if you try hard enough. Let's take Evey for example. The letter E is the fifth letter in the alphabet. The letter V is the roman numeral for five. And Y is the 25th letter in the alphabet...which is 5 squared. AND today Evey is 5 months old! :-)

So we had the usual monthly photo shoot for the baby book. I had trouble narrowing down which pics to share!

web 5 04

She is still fascinated with her hands.

web 5 05

I am too. They are awfully cute little dimpled hands. It's hard to get a good picture of them because they are almost constantly moving.

web 5 02

In addition to her cute little hands and feet, I am fascinated by her hair. It's coming in a lot more now. She has a lot of crazy wild hairs that stick straight up. I think her hair line is neat.

web 5 07

She is still doing her tummy crunches.

web 5 03

But now she can sit up ALMOST by herself. I was able to prop her in a sitting position and then use my hand as a guide to keep from tipping over when she would sway one way or the other. Shouldn't be too much longer before she doesn't need my help anymore!

web 5 01

web 5 08

My favorite pic from today:

web 5 06

She's a happy happy girl!

web 5 09

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