Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finally...Evey Lets Go!

Evey has finally decided that she can indeed walk. We have known this for quite some time! She has been very difficult to convince. You could lure her into taking quite a few steps...but she was always reaching. Always trying to grab onto someone or something. It certainly hasn't hampered her mobility too much. Even without full out walking, Evey was quite swift and stealthy.

But yesterday, for some reason, she finally let go. And now, 24 hours later, it's like she has been walking all along! The girl is walking all over the place like it's no big deal. Even though it further aids in her orneriness, I'm still thrilled. It's so wonderful to see her walking like a big girl. :-)

One of her favorite places to walk to...the Christmas tree. Of course.

evey 01

evey 02

One of her very favorite ornaments...she points and/or grabs it and says, "baaaallll"...

evey 03

Struttin' her stuff...
(Sidenote: This was a spontaneous shoot. I am aware her outfit doesn't match. She dirtied her pink leggings and I stuck some grey ones on her since we were home for the day. And the fabulous footwear you see here are her adorable sassy slippers. Geez...her bow is clipped on kind of goofy and her hair is sticking up. Now I'm over-analyzing. Who cares, right!? Just look at her go! :-)

evey 04

evey 05

Maddox happened by and I convinced him to let me take a picture or two of him. Okay, I bribed him with a Backyardigans episode. Whatever. ;-)

maddox 02

I mainly got goofball faces...

maddox 01

maddox 03

maddox 04

We wrote his letter to Santa tonight. I always have to keep a copy because they crack me up. He dictates, I write.

Dear Santa,

Sometimes I share with Evey and Daddy and Mommy. I eat my important vitamins. I didn't break any decorations. I am a good boy and need Spike the Dinosaur and a fighting robot. Next Christmas I want to have the LEGO Star Wars game. Thank you Santa!


P.S. My sister would like a pony and a doll.

maddox 05

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