Sunday, December 21, 2008

Maddox Loves Evey 603

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A little background to this story...Maddox is a numbers guy. He loves numbers. I first noticed this a year or two ago. He would ask how big something was and my answers weren't cutting it. For example...

Maddox: "How big do you think that couch is?"
Me: "Pretty big."
Maddox: "No, how big do you think that couch is?"
Me: "Really big? Not very big?"
Maddox: (getting frustrated) "No! How big do you think that couch is!?"
Me: (getting frustrated) "Ummm...7 feet?"
Maddox: "Yeah, that couch is 7 feet."

So then I realized that whenever asked a question, if possible answer with a numerical measurement. It didn't really matter what the number was, but he wanted to hear a number. He still asks these questions but not as much as he used to. Now he is really into how much things cost. He loves to find a price tag and tell me how many "dollars it costs." This desire to assign a quantity also translates to how much you love something or someone. He will ask me how much I love my sandwich, and I have to provide a number, such as 84.

I'm sure you get the idea, so let's get back to the reason for this post...

We have had a rough patch for a few months now where Maddox insisted that he loved Evey zero. Not good...very sad. I so want for them to be close. Evey of course thinks Maddox is the coolest person on the planet so it would be nice if he at least enjoyed her a little! ha

Well, I am happy to report that Maddox seems to be coming out of that phase. Here lately I've been catching him hugging on her again and when asked how much he loves Evey, he now says he loves her 603. We still have a long way to go since he says he loves me 153 million...but a vast improvement over 0. :-)

Last night before bed, Evey was inspecting the tree as she often does...

603 01

603 02

When Maddox came along to give Evey a hug...awwwwww. :-)

603 03

Then he took off running, and Evey followed.

603 04

They ran around the house in a circle quite a few times before ending up in Maddox's room on the Elmo couch together. Maddox can very easily crack her up. She laughs for him more than anyone else...

603 05

And a little more hugging. :-)

603 06

603 07

So that's 603 down...152,999,397 to go! :-P


Rachel F said...

Too cute. I love the one of both of them in front of the tree!

Andrea B said...

Those are the cutest pictures ever.

Click Photography Owner said...

My son is a numbers kid too. Sometimes it's very annoying because I will make up a number to give him instant satisfaction (like "it will take 5 miles to get to Target"), but sometimes he'll catch me on the wrong number (like by glancing at my odometer before leaving and then again arriving...and saying "Mom, you're a liar! It took 7.3 miles). GOOD GRIEF KiD!

I really love that Maddox is falling into his role of good big brother. As my kids are slightly older yours but about the same distance apart, I can tell you that comes in waves. hehehe

Stephanie said...

I love the picture in front of the tree. Very cute!!!

sarah g said...

Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful holiday!