Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Plaza Revisited

I headed back out to the plaza, this time with my friend Christie. It was a lot more fun than wandering around all by my lonesome! We had a great time. Once again, I have posted some of my favorites from the shoot for your viewing enjoyment...

replaza 01

replaza 02

I had fun sneaking pics of Christie while she worked. :-P

replaza 03

replaza 04

replaza 06

replaza 07

replaza 08

replaza 09

replaza 10

replaza 11

Make sure you check out Christie's photos from our little plaza photo safari. She got some amazing and very creative shots. This is Christie taking the very first picture you see on her blog post of plaza lights.

replaza 12

I couldn't decide. Which is better? Color...

replaza 13

or black & white...?

replaza 14

replaza 15

replaza 16

replaza 17

replaza 18

replaza 19

replaza 20

replaza 21

So festive! Definitely gets me in the mood for the holidays. :-)
What gets you in the mood for the holidays? Leave a comment and let us know. ;-)


Stephen Jackson said...

Great Pics! This brings back my love for the plaza!

Click Photography Owner said...

Oh, I absolutely love how that picture of all the wrapped around, tangled christmas light wires turned out! That one, just might be my favorite.

Rebecca Gomez said...

You should make Christmas cards for sale! I love the outline of lights & you can't see the structures. Makes me feel so fortunate we have this in KC.

Denise said...

very fresh and inspiring take on the traditional 'plaza lights' shot!

Click Photography Owner said...

Ya know...I keep coming back and looking at that picture, right under the wrapped-arpund-tangled-christmas-lights pic...It reminds me of those Lite-Brite toys. I used to have one when I was a kid. Ahhh...the good 'ol days..when a cheap $15 was an awesome toy and could entertain me for hours. Now an adult, my camera toys are much much more expensive. ek.

Stephanie said...

It really makes me miss Kansas City!!!! We don't have anything like that here in boring Wichita.

Miss ya!!!