Sunday, January 11, 2009


I shot Andrea's senior pictures awhile back, and we decided it was time for some updated portraits. She is now a sophomore at Iowa State, so we spent some time roaming around taking pics the day before she headed back to school for 2nd semester. Once again, lucking out with unseasonably warm weather the day of the shoot...thank you Mother Nature! I always have a great time with Andrea, she is a real goofball which I love. We definitely have a similar sense of humor. :-P

So here are some of my favorites from our portrait session...

andrea 01

andrea 02

andrea 03

andrea 04

andrea 05

andrea 06

andrea 07

andrea 08

Checkin' out the peep show...

andrea 09

andrea 10

andrea 11

andrea 12

andrea 13

andrea 14

andrea 15

andrea 16

andrea 17

andrea 18

andrea 19

Laughing... :-)

andrea 20

andrea 21

Andrea's personality lends itself well to a jumping shot. :-)

andrea 22

Thanks Andrea for a great afternoon! I hope you are prepared for the fame that comes with your session. ha ;-)

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Andrea B said...

Pretty sure somebody already recognized me in Ames, Iowa :P