Sunday, January 4, 2009

Renee & Tarwhat...Anytime

Renee contacted me to get some portraits taken of her and her new hubby while they were in Kansas City for New Years. Since Renee & Tarwhat are from Michigan, we figured they could handle an outdoor shoot in January. Then lucky us...yesterday turned out to be unseasonably warm! It was so nice! Not only was the weather fantastic, Renee and Tarwhat were fabulous models. They were both very comfortable in front of the camera and required very little input from me. Maybe this is because Renee is also a photographer and Tarwhat is probably used to having a lens on him. Or maybe they are just naturals, who knows. :-)

So let's get to my favorites from our session...

renee_tarwhat 01

renee_tarwhat 02

renee_tarwhat 03

renee_tarwhat 04

renee_tarwhat 05

One of my top favs...

renee_tarwhat 06

renee_tarwhat 07

renee_tarwhat 08

renee_tarwhat 09

Another top fav, this would be fantastic on canvas...

renee_tarwhat 10

renee_tarwhat 11

renee_tarwhat 12

The lovely Renee...

renee_tarwhat 13

The handsome Tarwhat...

renee_tarwhat 14

renee_tarwhat 15

renee_tarwhat 16

renee_tarwhat 17

renee_tarwhat 18

Hotty McHot Hot...

renee_tarwhat 19

I have to post this one for the sheer effort that was involved. I thought it would be a cute pic...turns out this is the entrance of a very popular parking garage. We dodged quite a few cars to get this. :-P

renee_tarwhat 20

renee_tarwhat 21

renee_tarwhat 22

Very nice...

renee_tarwhat 23

Great smiles...

renee_tarwhat 24

renee_tarwhat 25

LOVE it...

renee_tarwhat 26

Another top fav, fierce! This would be another awesome canvas choice...

renee_tarwhat 27

Thanks to Renee & Tarwhat - I had a great time hanging out yesterday and getting to know you both. I wish you much happiness! Have a fabulous time on your upcoming honeymoon. :-)


Renee Bumpus said...

Sarah, thank YOU for such a wonderful shoot!! I love love love these that are posted and can't wait to see the rest. I could learn a lot from you - some time when I'm down and there's more time I'd love to get together to talk shop.

Rebecca Gomez said...

#23 is my favorite. I love the colors & their skintones.
#5 is a gorgeous hand shot!
Well done!