Thursday, January 22, 2009

Workfare at Crosstown Station

I was there for the first night of Workfare's New Era's Eve celebration at Czar Bar...and the seventh and final night at Crosstown Station on inauguration day.

xtown 02

xtown 01

I can't resist having fun with a mirror...

xtown 03

Can't resist lots of buttons and lights either...

xtown 04

xtown 05

xtown 06

One group (Antennas Up) arrived with some fun accessories...

xtown 07

Actually, there was another accessory I enjoyed as well. Check out these drums!

xtown 08

xtown 09

First up was my father's band, the Winston Apple Group. My dad had me videotaping their performance, so I didn't take very many pics. I was able to balance the very large and heavy video camera on my lap (I turned myself into a tripod) so I was able to grab a few shots.

xtown 10

xtown 11

xtown 12

xtown 13

xtown 14

xtown 15

Breaking down the cool drums...
(His name is Pete Jacobs and he is an artist as well as a musician. You can check him out on myspace)

xtown 16

Next...Antennas Up!

xtown 17

xtown 18

xtown 19

xtown 20

xtown 21

xtown 22

xtown 23

xtown 24

xtown 26

xtown 27

xtown 28

xtown 29

xtown 30

xtown 31

Last up was MDM...

xtown 32

xtown 33

xtown 34

xtown 35

xtown 36

xtown 37

xtown 38

xtown 39

xtown 40

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Click Photography Owner said...

Spectacular! Great concert shots! You're right, those are pretty amazing drums. My second to last picture is my favorite. You have the best eye for composition.