Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Two's Company

Evey LOVES taking baths. If you say, "Evey, do you want to take a bath?" she will drop whatever she is doing and head straight to the bathroom. She gets into the closet and pulls out bath toys, then throws them in the tub. Getting Evey out of the bathtub isn't as easy. She usually shakes her head, says "noooo" and tries to evade my grip. Quite the little fish.

rubber ducky 01

What could be better than a bath? Apparently a bath with your favorite person in the whole wide world. In Evey's case, her very entertaining brother, Maddox.

rubber ducky 02

Sometimes I am just baffled. For example...

rubber ducky 03

Why would you do that? What would possess someone to squeeze a face between two toys? I asked Maddox, all I got was a shrug and an "I don't know." Luckily Evey didn't seem bothered by it.

rubber ducky 04

Evey copies just about everything Maddox does. Maddox was driving a jet ski around the bathtub and making engine noises. So Evey started driving her scuba frog around making the exact same engine noises. :-)

rubber ducky 05

rubber ducky 06

rubber ducky 07

The funniest thing was that Evey started grabbing Maddox's arm to get his attention. He would swat/splash at her in response, and then she would laugh hysterically.

rubber ducky 08

rubber ducky 09

rubber ducky 10

Well there is a quick little kiddo post for the family. :-)


Rebecca Gomez said...

Too cute! This could work out to your advantage, 2 clean kids, 1 bath...

Click Photography Owner said...

Very water conservative. :) You have such adorable kids.