Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Frank & the Gang...Family Portraits

Yesterday I got to spend a little time with Frank and his family. Frank is getting ready to be deployed to Iraq...and his wife, Stephanie, wanted to create some family portraits while they were in the KC area visiting friends and family. Some of my favs from our session...

The whole crew...

Frank Fam 02

Frank Fam 01

This is Frank and his lovely wife, Stephanie. They have been married 25 years! Awesome!

Frank Fam 03

Frank & Stephanie have five kiddos! The oldest of which is no longer a kid I suppose. ;-)
This is Stephen...

Frank Fam 04

Frank Fam 05


Frank Fam 06

Frank Fam 07


Frank Fam 08

Frank Fam 09


Frank Fam 10

Frank Fam 11

and little Elena...

Frank Fam 12

Frank Fam 13

I love this series with the gang all piled onto a bench together...

Frank Fam 14

Frank Fam 15

Frank Fam 16

Frank Fam 17

Stephen's lovely girlfriend Megan was hanging around, so we had to grab a couple of shots with her as well. ;-)

Frank Fam 18

Frank Fam 19

One last parting shot...

Frank Fam 20

I really enjoyed getting to meet this amazing family. I can't imagine a sweeter bunch. And I think we definitely created some beautiful images for Frank to take with him overseas. :-)

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