Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mia...Child Portraits

Today I had a little mini-session with Mia. It had been some time since our last session, and she is so much bigger now! We had a lovely warm day...with A LOT of wind. We are lucky we didn't get blown away. :-)

Some of my favorite images from our time together...

Mia 01

It just doesn't get much cuter than this...

Mia 02

Oh wait. Maybe it does...

Mia 03

We tried to avoid the wind as much as possible, but it wasn't easy. And in the end, I really like some of the windy shots. There is definitely an interesting element of motion. Such as...

Mia 04


Mia 05

A couple more windy shots that I enjoy...

Mia 06

Mia 07

Mia 08

Mia 09

Tough little chicka...

Mia 10

Mia 11

Mia brought with her a cute little umbrella. She was so anxious to play with it, and when we finally got it out, she was over it in less than a minute I think. haha But we still snagged a couple of cute shots with her pretty red umbrella.

Mia 12

Mia 13

I love this little sideways glance...

Mia 15

Mia 16

We added Mia's mom, Becca, for a few shots too. I'm a sucker for mother-daughter shots, what can I say?

Mia 17

Mia 18

Mia 19

Mia 20

Mia 21

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Rebecca Gomez said...

They are positively beautiful! Thanks for the awesome shots! You captured Mia's essence despite the crazy wind. Now if only we can just pick our favorite...